Character Animation


Animation = Creating Life

There's something unequalled about the experience of taking a statuesque puppet and making people believe that it is thinking and behaving based on its own decisions, desires, and emotions. I absolutely love it!


Character Animation Reel

I have created character performances for international brands including Koodo Mobile, M&Ms, Apple Jacks, Ensure, and Coca-Cola. It gets to a point where I really feel like I know the characters I'm working with, on a personal level. And every time a new project enters my sights, it's like an opportunity to say hello to a familiar friend, or make friends with someone brand new. No kidding. 

GRIMM Anmimation Reel

It was so exciting to serve as animation supervisor at Refuge VFX, one of the studios responsible for creating the creatures on the NBS television series GRIMM. For three seasons I changed people into monsters and back again, opened portals into new dimensions, and revealed the animal instincts of our deeper nature. So much fun!